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About A Step Ahead Career Fair 

The A Step Ahead Career Fair  is the number one female career fair and recruitment related conference in the kingdom that is endorsed by The Ministry of Labor and the Human Resources Development Fund.

The A Step Ahead Career Fair is a Saudi-centric, three-day program designed to empower women with all educational backgrounds and experiences. This program will effectively aid women in becoming active agents in today’s booming workforce by enriching their job-hunting opportunities, soft, and personal skills.

The career fair is composed of three major parts

Conference, we invite the top 200 student from universities around the Kingdom to listen to speakers coming from around the world

Workshops, more than 40 workshops that aims to develop personal and soft skills for job seekers.

Exhibition, where more than 80 company gather under one roof to showcase their opportunities.

A Step Ahead Career Fair will be back again for the 7th time in October 1-3

“It was a compelling event, both employers and candidates are learning something new. The job market is different and evolving every year, as well as the Glowork event.”
Abdullah Alghadouni
“Thank you for a wonderful event.”
Reema Alsobayel
“Great event to participate in if you are targeting women to your company – good marketing and CVs.”
Sultan Alblwi
“The future of our nation will be better with those who came and shared their knowledge, shown their great passion and their high skills and Glowork: the perfect place for their ambitions.”
Muhammad Hamza
“Our decision to participate in Glowork was one of the best decisions we’ve made in Saudi this year. Our expectations of this Career Fair were highly achieved… Congrats once again and a huge ‘Shukran’ to all Gloworkers and not to forget the Glovolunteers!”
Mounia Hadjidi
“Great event, excellent arrangement. Proud of the youth generation!”
Majed Aldawood

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